Air Mentor

Air Mentor is an intelligent air quality monitoring device, built-in temperature, humidity, VOC, carbon dioxide and particulate matter industrial grade sensors.
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Each year more than 4 million people die from indoor air pollution. People spend 70-90% of their time staying indoors, but unfortunately, indoor air is far more polluted than outdoor air. That can cause general population headaches, allergies, asthma, and memory loss.

Cause and Effect

Indoor air is far more polluted than outdoor air, and it can cause general population headaches, allergies, asthma, and memory loss. Air Mentor is a best solution to monitor air quality around you.

Inspiration of the Design

Overall structure fits snugly and yoga style. The combination of LED light shows the air quality on each level with different color and breathing frequency.

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Easy Placement

Air Mentor is very appropriate to be placed in any corner of home, office, store, etc. You can put it standing on a desk as well as mount on the wall. We suggest you to place at a fixed location for long time monitoring the indoor air quality, so you can know the change, the trend., then know how to handle it. However, the built in battery can also make you temporarily use the sensor in other location.

Air Mentor with Smartphones

Our purpose is to provide an easier tool to make your indoor air quality simplify. We also provide iOS and Android App to display tips and suggestions of detection results.

You can carry out your smart phone with simple tool measurements to monitor air quality in your surroundings.

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Air Quality Sensing APP

We provide 4 kinds of timelines to alert you if the quality goes below a specific level and how polluted the air is around you.

With our air quality sensing app, you can check an alarm to alert you if the quality level goes below a specified levels. And you also can check how polluted the air is for a particular region around you . The only issue with this service is that its data is very useful. We provide the public with exact levels of air pollution for a your specific location. And we also provide the suggestion for your indoor air quality improvement. The reference from Environmental Protection Agency.

Cloud Advising with You

Intelligent system with growing air quality expert knowledge generates monthly report for your short and long term improvement suggestions.

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Air Mentor Air Mentor Pro
Particulate Matter
Size > 1 μm (ug/m3)
Particulate Matter
Approximate PM2.5 (ug/m3)
Approximate PM10 (ug/m3)
TVOC concentration mapping to CO2 equivalent ppm TVOC concentration (ppb)
N/A CO2 concentration (ppm)
NDIR professional Sensor
Temperature Measurement
Relative Humidity %
Battery Life 24 hours with Power Scenarios
- Dust & CO2 detect every 15 min - Gas update every 10 sec

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Know your air for your health

Android v4.3 or above on device with Bluetooth 4.0
iOS 7 or above on iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus